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obscure notions

this journal is mainly for translations, scans, graphics, etc. semi-friends only. personal entries are f-locked, regular content such as scans/icons/etc are still viewable by anyone. i no longer update regularly here -- my icon journal has moved to karlsefni and is updated somewhat regularly

[01 January 2030 12:00] - this journal is now semi-friends only
kaneki | tokyo ghoul

Scans, translations, icons, and etc will continue to remain public, but from now on I will also be posting personal entries as well. Comment if you want to be added, but I'd appreciate if we have at least SOMETHING in common.
[17 February 2015 01:33] - ghost - red thread [translated lyrics]
kaneki | tokyo ghoul
because it would have ticked me off if i translated everything but this. (for anyone that's interested in hearing this new release, you can still buy it over at brand x -- they ship overseas!)

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[09 May 2013 09:48] - new icon journal
nessa | fractale
i'm not sure how many people are watching me on here for my icons, but i've decided to go ahead and make a comm specifically for posting my icons at. i won't delete anything from this journal, but i've reposted most everything from 2012 - now over there in order to have all of my stuff in one place.

from now on, all my icon posts will be over at karlsefni -- so i probably won't be posting to this journal itself at all much anymore
nessa | fractale

Comment here if you take any, and credit me as glass_sylph@livejournal if you use them.

219 icons
[150] - fractale
[69] - vampire princess miyu

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ed | fma

Comment here if you take any, and credit me as glass_sylph@livejournal if you use them.

143 icons
[113] - yu-gi-oh!

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